What Are The Best Ways To Teach Your Child How To Write Their Name?

Teaching your child how to write their name doesn’t just show your child how to scribe their moniker; it also helps to develop fine motor skills that will not only help them with writing but also a wide array of other tasks that involve their fingers and finger muscles as they develop. The question is, how can you make learning to write their name as fun and enjoyable as possible? After all, we know that the key to early learning and development is to use fun games and activities to boost your child’s development without them really knowing that they’re … Read more

What Are The Best Strategies To Improve Handwriting?

Are you struggling to read your child’s handwriting? Perhaps they’re struggling to get to grips (no pun intended) with letter shapes and forming words? Well, don’t worry! We’ve written this article for the sole purpose of addressing this very common problem and to give you and your little one some top tips and activities to improve their handwriting skills, regardless of what level they’re currently at. First of all, let me reiterate what I just said: it’s a prevalent problem. After all, handwriting isn’t just about putting a pencil on a piece of paper and making shapes; it’s multi-tasking! The … Read more

Teaching Your Child To Write Their Name: The Complete Guide

There is absolutely no question that when a child learns to write his or her own name is a huge milestone in early development. Not only is it the very first step on the long journey that is learning write, but it also instils a sense of achievement in both child and parents; not to mention putting an end to confusing mix-ups at nursery or school as to whose work is whose!  The question is, where do you start if you want to teach your little one how to write their name?  Well, in today’s post, we shall explore this … Read more

Fun Ways To Teach a Child How To Spell Their Name

Just before my daughter turned four, she suddenly became obsessed with letters. She couldn’t get enough of them! Pointing them out, trying to figure out which letter was which, and, of course, trying to write them using her beloved set of crayons! It was at this point I realised that it was time to get my act together and help her to recognise, spell, and write her name. At the end of the day, names are special. It’s commonly the first word a child learns; therefore, it’s the perfect starting place to begin the process of learning and identifying letters.  … Read more