Improving Vocabulary in Primary School-Aged Children: The Complete Guide

Over the last several years, vocabulary development has all of a sudden, become the ‘hot topic’ in education and learning. Although this may seem a little perplexing given that development of a child’s vocabulary is, and always has been, an essential aspect of learning to read and write, in reality, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise given that children are learning (and being expected to learn) at ever-increasing rates. Parents and teachers alike are pushing the boundaries of learning so that children develop at the fasts rate possible. After all, there is a long recognised correlation between … Read more

11 Vocabulary Games For Kids: How To Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary at Home

As parents, I doubt there’s a moment in your child’s life that you eagerly await more than hearing their very first word. When we say, “Point to your mouth” and they point to it for the very first time, we clap, cheer, get excited, and smoother them with praise. As they grow up and develop, their grasp of the English language expands, and they begin to talk more and take part in naturally flowing conversations. By the time they reach the age of four or five and start their schooling journey, it’s easy to assume that their listening and talking … Read more