Spelling Strategies For Weak Spellers

Learning that your child is struggling with an aspect of their education, particularly if it is something as fundamental as spelling, is no doubt worrying. Without the ability to spell, every other facet of your child’s development and education simply cannot happen; therefore, it’s completely natural to feel anxious and concerned. If you are feeling like this, it’s essential to […]

Fun Ways To Practice Spelling Words at Home

If your child shies away from spelling homework or even point-blank refuses to do it, it’s clear they’re not exactly enamoured by the prospect spelling and learning to spell! While it can be worrying to see your child struggling with a certain aspect of learning, in reality, it’s completely normal. Take yourself back to your schooling days. Did you love […]

‘Why is My Child So Bad At Spelling?’ – Everything You Need To Know (and how to help them)

Learning to spell can be a source of frustration for children who are in the early stages of learning to read and write. While it is true that children develop at different rates and that some early learners may take some time to acclimatise to reading, writing, and spelling, if their difficulties persist beyond their initial few years of school, […]