11 Strategies To Help A Child With Spelling Difficulties

If your child is having difficulty learning to spell, you’ve definitely come to the right place – welcome! While it is impossible for us to provide you with a magic potion that will instantly turn your child into the most proficient speller in their class, we can furnish you with 11 research-based strategies that have been used to great effects by parents all over the globe. So, without further ado, let’s begin. A quick preface: In today’s article, you will discover an array of exciting and engaging activities to utilise research-based spelling methods, such as: Morphological awareness, i.e. helping your … Read more

Spelling Strategies For Weak Spellers

Learning that your child is struggling with an aspect of their education, particularly if it is something as fundamental as spelling, is no doubt worrying. Without the ability to spell, every other facet of your child’s development and education simply cannot happen; therefore, it’s completely natural to feel anxious and concerned. If you are feeling like this, it’s essential to take a step back and understand that many things can be done to help your child gain and improve this foundational skill, both in and out of school. As a parent of a child who struggled with spelling, I know … Read more